Digital Assistance, Guidance and Support for professionals in the Climate, Environment, Biodiversity & Equity (CeBe) community.

We have taken our own advice: "Pick your passion for the next 10 years ~ Be focused and fast "
Our future depends on it.

Free and pleasingly-priced websites.
Digital tools, techniques, workspaces, animations, and more to help you do great work and share it with the world!

EcoDigital is a new service that is tasked, focused, and dedicated to assisting and supporting professionals in the Climate, Environment, Biodiversity & Equity (CeBe) community.

Whether you are a scientist, researcher, activist, writer, or any other professional,
we are here to help you "get online and stay online".

We are making big plans in our efforts to assist, guide & support you online.

Today, is a portal site but we plan to offer digital tools, techniques, databases, workspaces, animations, and more.

This portal site will take link you to three websites that describe our current services.

They are: Ecotone Digital Solutions ~ MySmallBytz ~ Sustainable Online Presence

Ecotone Digital Solutions

EcoDigital - Website for CeBe


EcoDigital - Website for CeBe

Sustainable Online Presence

EcoDigital - Website for CeBe

Ecotone Digital Solutions - You are Busy, Digital is Hard, We can Help --- Digital Partners are Good

MySmallBytz - Free website for CeBe professionals

Sustainable Online Presence - Your online presence should be Planned, Perpetual & Enduring

Ecotone Services CeBe sites
Ecotone Digital SolutionsSustainable Online PresenceMySmallBytzWebsites4Scientists

Ecotone Services public education sites
Citizen SolutionNavigating a New WorldRain Garden Network ▪ Carrots 'n Sticks - soon

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